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Running out of coffee sucks! We've made a better option to keep you caffeinated for longer, before it's time to re-order. This massive 4lb Bag of Dead Pedal Coffee is perfect for those who can't help but stay at the coffee pot. This is a perfect option for businesses, gifts, churches, events, or for you to keep all to yourself! Available in whole or ground, we can prepare it just how you like! 

4lb Bag

  • 4lb Bag (64ounces)

    According to our brewing recommendations, by using high coffee to water ratio, 4lb's of Dead Pedal Coffee will produce you close to 133 servings of coffee per 4lb's. Our servings are based on our own flavor preferences with a 9.5oz mug. Serving size can vary from person to person, depending on preference and mug size.

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