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Relaxing next to the comfort of a warm campfire accompanied by a cool breeze in the air is a feeling everyone loves, and we here at Dead Pedal Coffee are no exception to that. With this roast, we wanted to embody that sensation for everyone to enjoy. We give you our first medium-dark specialty roast, Back Country. Coming all the way from an island in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea, these beans undergo a diligent wet factory process. These beans are handpicked and pulped on the very same day they are chosen from the farm. After a fermentation process, the beans are immersed in water for a full day, helping to create their unique flavor. To enhance this delicious flavor, the beans are then sun dried. Following this, the beans are carefully conditioned, hulled, graded, and hand sorted, again, to perfection. While drinking Back Country, you can expect a delicious dark chocolate, smoky note flavors, and an earthy plum that’s paired with a refined sweetness to top it off. So don’t be afraid to kick back and relax with Back Country. This roast is the entire rugged wilderness and camping experience infused in your cup that you are sure to enjoy!

Back Country Medium Dark Roast

  • 12oz Bag

    According to our brewing recommendations, by using high coffee to water ratio, 12 ounces of Dead Pedal Coffee will produce you close to 25 servings of coffee per 12 ounces. Our servings are based on our own flavor preferences with a 9.5oz mug. Serving size can vary from person to person, depending on preference and mug size.

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