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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. The darkest of our original four, we present...Back Fired. A Peruvian blend with a slight acidity; complemented by tropical flavors of berries, grapes, and apples, all topped off with bitter sweet chocolate notes. Specifically chosen and put to the test against numerous blends, this roast is fueled to the brim with complex qualities that was hand picked to give you the best dark roasted cup of coffee. 

Back Fired Dark Roast

  • 12oz Bag

    According to our brewing recommendations, by using high coffee to water ratio, 12 ounces of Dead Pedal Coffee will produce you close to 25 servings of coffee per 12 ounces. Our servings are based on our own flavor preferences with a 9.5oz mug. Serving size can vary from person to person, depending on preference and mug size.

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