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Having trouble deciding which roast to get? Try our Dead Pedal Sample Pack. Offering you the ultimate experience of all four of our original roasts, in 3oz bags. You will receive Throttle Punch Light Roast, Turbocharged Medium Roast, Piston Pusher Medium Dark Roast, and Back Fired Dark Roast. Perfect for gifts, promotions, or to keep them all for yourself!  

Dead Pedal Sample Pack

  • 3oz Bag

    According to our brewing recommendations, by using high coffee to water ratio, 3 ounces of Dead Pedal Coffee will produce you close to 12  cups of coffee per 3 ounces. Our servings are based on our own flavor preferences with a 9.5oz mug. Serving size can vary from person to person, depending on preference and mug size.

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