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Sometimes, looks can be deceiving. The lightest of our original four, yet packed with the most caffeine, this is a blend that means business. A full blooded and zesty blend of pure Guatemalan beans, this roast is sure to kick start your day into gear.  Boasting a snap of acidity with a powerful punch of chocolate and a smooth undertone of wine, this is an ideal roast for those who enjoy a smoother and delicate blend in their cup.

Throttle Punch Light Roast

  • 12oz Bag

    According to our brewing recommendations, by using high coffee to water ratio, 12 ounces of Dead Pedal Coffee will produce you close to 25 servings of coffee per 12 ounces. Our servings are based on our own flavor preferences with a 9.5oz mug. Serving size can vary from person to person, depending on preference and mug size.

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