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Hailing from the slopes of a volcanic mountain in Indonesia, this Sumatran bean is nothing to mess with. A heavy coffee for a heavier lifestyle, blaze your own trail with Uncharted. This fiery roast is fueled by flavors of chocolate, cedar, and spice. Accompanied by a hint of savory sweet tobacco and creamy body you’d expect from a shade grown bean from this remote region. This medium roast has the caffeine to shift you into high gear and help you stand on the razor's edge for your next uncharted adventure.


Spark Plug Coffee Pods are compatible with Keurig 1.0 & 2.0 and Multistream

Uncharted Medium Roast - Monthly Subscription

Price Options
(-$7.00 for Shipping) Scroll Down & Read How Shipping Works
$11.00every month until canceled
  • Let us break it down for you:

    Shipping is a flat rate of $7.00, and we want members of the Dead Pedal Coffee Coalition to receive free shipping. So what we have done is taken care of Shipping for you.

    Example: 12 Spark Plugs a Month is actually an $18.00 subscription. However, to accommodate the free shipping feature, we have lowered 12 - 24 Spark Plugs each month by $7.00. 36 & 48 Spark Plugs each month you will automatically get free shipping at checkout (they reach our normal $45.00 auto free shipping threshold). So if you are a 12 - 24 Spark Plug drinker a monthat checkout you will see $7.00 shipping. Just remember that we lowered these prices by $7.00 so shipping is actually on us! 

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